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A number of Hollywood movies were filmed in Hungary such as An American Rhapsody, Underworld or Inferno. Scenes from The Game of Thrones were also shot in our country.

The Fixer Hungary team acts as a one-stop-shop for filmmakers. This means we are the equivalent of a local production company. We can provide filming assistance and also help with crew hiring and equipment rental through partners.

Film production

Budapest, the Hungarian capital, is seen by many filmmakers as one of the best locations to shoot in. The main reason are the low prices – Hungary is generally an inexpensive country. Moreover, Budapest offers a good variety of unique locations and is a good mix of traditional European architecture and communist buildings.
The Hungarian government also offers tax concessions and incentives to filmmakers. This is one of the reasons why Hungary is the first country in Europe by the contribution of film industry to the growth of the economy.

The Fixer Hungary team is always ready to help journalists and filmmakers to make the most of this friendly setup.

Production of TV commercials

Due to the wide pool of crew and talent dubbed by the excellent infrastructure, many crews filming TV commercials choose Hungary. Moreover, due to its vintage architecture, the streets of Budapest can easily be adapted to resemble past historical times.

Film fixers

The Fixer Hungary team offers general assistance to filmmakers. We work as a one-stop-shop for all the needs that directors and crews may have. We can generally cover any production service through our network of contacts.

Equipment rental

Bringing large pieces of gear to Hungary for filming can often be challenging and costly. Our fixers in Hungary are in touch with a number of local providers that offer good quality gear at decent rates.