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The Fixer Hungary team offers an all-inclusive service covering the needs of any media crew filming in Hungary. From landing to departure, we take care of everything. We cover the roles of production fixer, PA, location manager and many more.

Logistics, finding and sorting locations, arranging interviews – our Hungarian fixers know it all.

Our main services in Hungary include:

  • General production fixer/production assistant/researcher/translator
  • Location scouting and management including permits
  • Media crew finding and hiring: photographer, cameraman, sound engineer and assistant, grip

We have a strong background of working as production fixers in Hungary for TV and movie production. Thanks to our extended network of contacts, we can get filmmakers and journalists in touch with any local contributors needed. Moreover, our local resources and media background help our fixers have a thorough understanding of the country.

We see solutions, not problems

  • Production fixer in Hungary. For the past years, our fixing team has been helping foreign crews in doing their reports and stories around the country. When it comes to shoots, we are ready to go off the beaten path in setting everything up. Therefore, if you need a fixer in Budapest, Debrecin or elsewhere in Hungary, feel free to drop us a line.
  • Crew hiring. You need a cameraman, a photographer or a sound engineer? Our Hungarian fixers can find you the right person within a given budget. We can provide sample materials and references.
  • Hungary filming locations. Fixer Hungary helps production teams achieve their goal: a news report, a documentary or a movie. We can help find the right location, doing research and sorting permits.
  • Equipment rental and logistics. One of the challenges that film and TV crews face is bringing large pieces of gear from abroad into Hungary. Although there are no legal restrictions to this, our fixers can provide equipment rental through local partners. Our team of fixers has TV experience. Therefore in addition we can find the best Hungarian media professionals. Moreover, we can organise the accommodation and logistics. We cover airport transfers, hotel bookings and food recommendations.