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A Central European country located in the Carpathian Basin, Hungary has a population of 10 million. For the huge majority of them (95%), the native language is Hungarian. A significant Hungarian minority population can be found in neighbouring countries.

Hungary’s capital city, Budapest, is located in the north-central part of the country. Budapest can be compared with cities like Prague or even Paris and offers a strong sense of history and tradition at every turn.

But Hungary also has beautiful cities and towns around Budapest that have the most spectacular scenery and countryside in Eastern Europe – ideal locations for outdoor filming.

Filming in public spaces


With a number of Hollywood productions being filmed in Hungary, our country has earned its place in the history of international movie making. Filmmakers and journalists are allowed to film without any special permits on open public spaces as long as they do not obstruct day to day life. However, the permission of authorities is needed for big filming crews or locations close to government buildings.

Filming in closed locations


In Hungary, most indoor filming permits take a few days to get approved. Depending on who the owner of the building is, permits may be required from municipalities or local administrators of the location. Our Hungarian fixers can manage all that and also apply for multiple location permits. One of the places where filming inside is not allowed is The Hungarian Parliament building, but we can provide good spots to film/photograph the building exterior.

Street closures and special permits for filming in Hungary

Filming in Hungary is easier than other countries. Here is one of the reasons: location permits are not needed if the camera that is used stays for less than 30 minutes in the same spot. This rule only applies when one cameraman is present, but authorities are generally flexible. In all other cases, municipalities or public road owners must express their written approval for street closures. Our Hungarian fixers can assist with the process thus making filming in Hungary pretty easy.

Location scouting

Road infrastructure is excellent. Our Hungarian fixers can offer the best filming locations in Hungary for you in no time. Feel free to drop us a line if you need help in scouting and finding locations for movies, commercials or photography projects. The variety of locations that the country offers makes filming in Hungary an option that many crews should consider

Infrastructure and accommodation

Hungary has an excellent road infrastructure, with a good density of highways. The recent development of the country is reflected both in the quality of public transport and the presence of paved roads almost everywhere.

The capital, Budapest, is a vibrant city and offers a number of accommodation options (over 300 hotels meeting European standards and countless BnBs). The Fixer Hungary team always assists foreign crews in finding hotels within given budgets.